Dirty Martini

A popular martini with a unique olive juice flavor.

  • Vodka 3 oz
  • Dry vermouth ½ oz
  • Olive juice ½ oz
  • Stuffed olives 3

This cocktail is a treat for olive lovers.

Add the vodka, dry vermouth, and olive juice into a shaker with ice. Stir the contents 20 times in each direction until cold.

Strain the shaker into a cocktail glass and add 3 olives for garnish on a cocktail pick.

The olive juice from a jar is the best for a dirty martini. Don't ever garnish with an even number of olives, and drop the olive juice to just ¼ oz if you don't enjoy the taste.

Dirty Martini

Dirty martinis are one of the only stirred martinis. So remember, if it has olive juice, stir, don't shake!